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Putting People

Before Profit

Caring Carers follows the Seven Common Principles to Modern Health Care

Principle 1

 Ensure individuals are able to make  informed choices to manage their self care needs

Caring Carers follows the principles of respect, dignity, choice and independence for individuals. It encourages and supports individuals to make decisions based on the experience of their needs and enhanced by appropriate professional support and guidance. Practice is based on a shift of values from professionals knowing best to their supporting and empowering individuals to be in control of their needs.

Principle 2

Communicate effectively to enable individuals to assess their needs, and develop and gain confidence to self care

Caring Carers uses communication and relationship skills which encourage and support

individuals to work with professionals to identify strengths and abilities as well as areas for

development, and to find solutions together building on existing skills

Principle 3  

support and enable individuals to access appropriate information to manage their self care needs

Caring Carers encourages and supports individuals in accessing appropriate information,

and where possible provides relevant and evidence based information in an appropriate

manner, providing sufficient choice/options.

Principle 4

Support and enable individuals to develop skills in self care

Caring Carers facilitates access to appropriate training and self care skills development within or outside their organisation in order to develop and support individuals’ confidence and competence to self care. The worker also delivers support to individuals in developing self care/self management skills.

Principle 5

Support and enable individuals to use technology to support self care

Caring Carers ensures appropriate equipment and devices are discussed and when appropriate puts individuals in touch with the relevant agency, where they can procure the item(s), and where possible provides the relevant tools and devices. Caring Carers also engages with individuals to support and enable the use of technology.

Principle 6

Advise individuals how to access support networks and participate in the planning, development and evaluation of services

Caring Carers advises individuals about participation in support networks both to receive and give support to others. Caring Carers promotes and encourages involvement of individuals in the planning, development and evaluation of services they receive, and supports them to organise care packages to meet their self care needs.

Principle 7

support and enable risk management and risk taking to maximise independence and choice

Caring Carers encourages and supports individuals to make choices about how to live their

lives and manage any identified risks. The worker promotes choice and independence while supporting individuals to manage risks proportionately and realistically.