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Putting People

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Just One Team - Clients and Carers Together

Effective support for self care requires a shift of values towards a supportive and empowering environment which enables individuals to take control of their needs. The benefits in relation to greater ownership of decisions by individuals and therefore greater participation in the care process are clear. There needs to be an explicit understanding that this signals a shift in the power relationship between workers and individuals – a sharing of responsibility and of rights over decision making; and these values will underpin competent practice. Underpinning the principles is an approach to health and social care practice which is based on partnerships, is nonjudgmental and supportive. It is recognised that supported self care is closely related to issues around choice, informed and shared decision making and the management of risk.

Implementing the principles is a challenge for workers at all levels. It is important, therefore, that the principles are used and embedded in service delivery, appraisal, supervision and development planning. All of the principles apply to everyone working in health and social care; they should be taken and implemented as a whole.