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Working as a Care Worker

A care worker’s duties can often include:

 Household cleaning service (care worker will complete all domestic tasks required by the service user)

 Laundry service

 Personal care (where as a care worker you would assist with hair and nail care)

 Bathing service

 Get up service

 Putting to bed service

 Preparation of meals (care workers will typically prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner & light snacks)

 Shopping service (where care workers will accompany service users on visits or do for them)

 Collecting pensions (you can be assured that our care workers can be entrusted at all times)

 Community support

 Day/night sitting (where care workers offer companionship and support)

 Live-in service (where as a care worker, you would live within the Service User's home)

 High dependency service

 Hospital discharge service (where care workers are there to support in the home when a service user comes home from hospital)

 Relief/respite holiday service (care workers will provide care to relieve family members or friends for a short period of time).

 Emergency service

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